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Benidorm Cocktail Making Package

cocktails making in benidormPackage includes:

Central Apartments

Cocktail Making class

Bar Crawl

Rep Service – from £99

Benidorm Accommodation

Benidorm central apartments

We use only the most suitable benidorm central apartments for groups of hens. They are central to the nightlife and the bars.

All our accommodation is centrally located and close to all amenities, night life and beaches, you don’t want to be spending all your time strolling around looking for the nearest shops and bars. You will be situated right in the heart of it all. So no waiting for taxi’s to get home, when you can quite literally fall into your reception from a night out. Benidorm has the best entertainment in Europe with lots to offer for all, and boasts over 2000 clubs and bars to get through, so this is why we locate you in the heart of Benidorm so you won’t miss a thing.

With our accommodation we can offer from apartments to 5* all inclusive hotels, this is up to you to decide which is going to be the best option for you based on your budget and how important the accommodation is to you. As you are here for a cocktail making party weekend most groups choose apartments as this is just a base point for showering, getting changed and sleeping. You will be wanting to spend more time out in Benidorm with the cleanest beaches in Europe and all the entertainment you could want and more with 300 days of sunshine. So looking at your budget you can decide which is the right accommodation for you. We guarantee which ever you choose they will be clean, centrally located with have their own swimming pools, bars and 24hr receptions. These can all be offered from a minimum of 2 nights and up.

Cocktail Making

Benidorm cocktail making

A great day in a private bar making tasty cocktails with your friends.

You probably drink these cocktails on a daily basis not having a clue what’s in them or how there made. Well here’s your big chance to shine in the lime light. So you’ve heard of ‘Screaming orgasm’s’ and ‘Sex on the Beach’ and many others with erotic names, but maybe you feel too embarrassed to ask for some of them at the bar, why not make your own up. We’ll take you to your own space in a cocktail bar; you’ll be met by the cocktail masters who will give you a crash course on cocktail making and how to make 3 of the most popular cocktails around town. And you’ll be able to drink them whilst making them and seductively eating the fruit that makes them up. This is a great way to learn cocktail making and start you’re evening, getting nice and merry on a few cocktails before heading off into town, no doubt you’ll be telling the bar staff that you can make cocktails and trying to get behind the bar to throw a few bottles in the air. So come and give cocktail making  a try, and when it’s your turn to host a party at home you can impress everyone with your new found skills.

Benidorm Bar Crawl

Benidorm bar crawl

A great first night for your hen weekend. An organised bar crawl for your group. Starts at 9pm and goes on until the early hours.

Here you are in the party capital of Europe ready to party like there’s no tomorrow. Well we have your first night all mapped out for you, so need to worry or argue what to do. Let us do that for you. We will get your weekend off to a blinding start and when I say ‘blinding’ you may just not be able to see by the end of the night, this all depends if you can keep up with the Benidorm pace. We will pick you up at your hotel reception at 9pm, and take you on the wildest bar crawl you have ever been on. With this resort there are many many bars to choice from and go to, so we have finely selected a good ample of these bars to take you to, these will be the most busiest and liveliest of them all and getting you to each one at the best times, we will get you all a free quality shot in each bar. Playing drinking games in them all, this will soon get you swinging round the podium poles and ready to hit the rest of the night hard. With karaoke, live Irish music and even the famous ‘sticky Vicky’. If you’re still ready for more we’ll take you to the disco club, this will be the final stop where you can party and dance till 7am. Have you got what it takes? Remember you have to get up the next day for your cocktail making class.


Private Airport Transfers

Benidorm private transfers

The best way to get from the airport to the resort of benidorm is with your very own private transfer coach. You know it makes sense.

This is the only way to get your weekend started quickly as possible. Whereas many people will be wondering around the airport looking for their transfers and waiting up to an hour before they finally leave the airport, you can relax on your way to arrivals knowing that you’re driver and private coach are waiting for you.  There is no better way than to travel to Benidorm with just the comfort of you and your friends, no worrying if your coach is going to be packed hot and sweaty. So within the hour of getting off the plane, getting your bags and boarding your coach you’ll be at your hotel before you know it, and the rest of the passengers are probably just setting off from the airport. So while your sipping an ice cold beverage and taking in the sights and the sun, think of your fellow passengers on that hot stuffy packed coach, which is traipsing round Benidorm to all different hotels. And the same procedure applies when your due to go back home. You will be picked up from your hotel and straight to the airport. No hanging around, especially if your hung-over from last night. You just want to go!