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Benidorm Palace Package

Benidorm PalaceBenidorm Palace Package Includes :

Central  Apartment

Benidorm Palace Show with drink

Private Return Transfers

Bar Crawl from £109

Benidorm Accommodation

The accommodations we use are all centrally located very close to all Nightlife and beaches. They can range to suit your needs, from apartments to 5* hotels. This all depends on the budget you have set for yourself. Benidorm PalaceWhereas most groups will go for the apartments as they want to be out and about in Benidorm with the amount it has to offer, with over 2000 bars and clubs, why spend time in a hotel. It’s more of a base for getting showered, changed and getting some sleep. This is how most people would see it. But if your more of a chilling by the pool kind of person and you want to stretch your budget we can offer 3 – 5* hotels and all inclusive. We cater for your needs. A top Benidorm Palace package

All the accommodations we use are all Stag and Hen friendly, all very clean with all their own 24hr receptions, swimming pools and Bars.


Benidorm Palace

Benidorm Palace which is situated in the Rincon Deloix are of Benidorm has got to be one of the most spectacular shows in Benidorm or even in Europe. From its opening in 1977 it has been packed every weekend ever since. Benidorm PalaceThe Benidorm Palace show has everything going on, you are greeted warmly at reception and have your photo taken then directed to your seat where you are waited on throughout your night. Benidorm Palace is where the fun starts to begin. As everybody is getting seated they have a great 7 piece band playing with an excellent female vocalist to settle you all in, with magicians walking round from table to table showing off their magic circle skills. And soon as the lights go down you know the show is about to begin, this spectacular show kicks off with some amazing aerial acrobatics and trapeze acts, leaving you in a state of disbelievment  into what you’ve just seen a human being do. The Benidorm Palace stage is full off excellent dancers and acrobats from traditional Irish dancing to their national Spanish flamenco dancing. They have a variety of sketches on stage throughout the show to keep you entertained from start to finish, it’s truly amazing how quick they can set the stage up for different routines without you sitting there waiting for the next explosive act. And the world champion acrobats are not to be missed.

As the show comes to a half time break there is an excellent display of a laser light show. Then it’s straight back into the swing of things. This show never stops throughout, keeping you amazed all night. After seeing this show you will recommend it to everyone to go and see whilst in Benidorm, and it will be a night you will never forget.


Benidorm Bar Crawl

So you’ve arrived in Benidorm on your first day, you’ve had a look around soaked in some rays, and heading back to get ready for your first big night out to get your party weekend started. And then you start to wonder what are we going to do tonight where are we going to go? Benidorm PalaceThen the arguments start. So fear not as we have your first night covered for you. With our in-resort reps who know anything and everything about Benidorm and ready to take you on the best night of your lifes, you are in good hands. So as its tradition for the first night to be the best and wildest we will get you ready to take Benidorm by storm, as it has over 2000 bars, you’d have to be some kind of machine to conquer them all in one night, so we will take you to the best, liveliest and most popular bars around town and give you a free quality shot in each bar we go to. This will be sure to get you in the Benidorm spirit. And with drinking games throughout you’ll soon be shaping your moves on the floor. If you want something a little different or something extra adding to your Bar Crawl let us know and we will add them in, from the likes of a little karaoke to the all famous ‘Sticky Vicky Show’. And finally taking you to a disco club where you can party hard till 7am. Whatever it is you decide, you can be sure you won’t ever forget your first night in Benidorm!

Private Airport Transfers

So here you are ready and wanting to get to your Hotel as soon as you get off the plane. No one likes waiting around for their cases and coaches and not knowing how long it will be before you get to your hotel so you can drop off your case and explore the bars and beaches. Benidorm PalaceFor most people they will get off the plane wait for their case and walk round looking for their coach once they have found their coach they then board it and sit there getting on for an hour whilst waiting for all other passengers to also find the coach and board. And you can guarantee it’s going to be a full coach of 55 people, and they won’t all be staying at the same hotel. So then you have to take in to account there are going to be a few drop offs at different hotels around Benidorm, so you just sit there on a cramped full hot coach and wait your turn.

But the great news is, not with us you won’t, as we will book you your very own private transfer just for your group no matter what the size. There will be a driver to meet and greet you with a board with the lead name of your group on it. So off the plane, grab your bag, get to your coach and your off to resort just like that.