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Ultimate Benidorm Palace Package

ultimate benidorm palacePackage Includes :

Centrally Located Apartments

Benidorm Palace Show With Meal

Private Return Transfers

Benidorm Bar Crawl from £129

Benidorm Accommodation

Whatever accommodation you are looking for we have got it covered. Whether its somewhere just to get your head down or maybe somewhere you would like to spend most of your weekend we have it, from apartments all the way to 5* all inclusive hotels. ultimate benidorm palaceAs Benidorm is one of the biggest tourist resorts in Europe with thousands of bars and clubs people prefer to be out and about amongst it all. Especially if your only there for a weekend with the intent to party. So most stag and hen parties will go for the apartments, which is the cheapest and best option for the weekend you want, and will leave you with more spends for the party town. But if you do have a higher budget and looking just to relax for the weekend then it’s no trouble to be put up in Hotels ranging from 3* to 5* and all inclusive, this is the best option if you’re looking to just chill around the pool and enjoy the hotels entertainment, whereas you would spend more to get this option but wouldn’t need to much spends if your plan is to relax in the hotel.

All apartments and hotels are clean and comfortable, all with their own swimming pools, bars and 24hr receptions.

Ultimate Benidorm Palace With Meal

Ultimate Benidorm Palace: one of Benidorms most iconic attractions. From opening its doors in the 1970’s it hasn’t stopped since then, with revellers from all over the world coming to see this spectacular show. It’s situated at the top end of Benidorm and very easy to spot with its bright lights shimmering of its ship built like silver structure. ultimate benidorm palace As you arrive for your Ultimate Benidorm Palace experience you are greeted well at reception and have your photos taken before being escorted to your table, where you will then be waited on for your delicious meal included with a bottle of wine and Cava. Choose from this exquisite menu with a choice of meat, fish or vegetarian option, and come with appetisers and desserts. You will be waited on throughout the full show. As you enjoy your meal and everybody is getting seated enjoy the sounds of the 7 piece band playing at the ultimate benidorm palace with an amazing female vocalist.

Now you’ve enjoyed your lovely meal sit back and relax and wait for the lights to go down low, then you know the show is about to commence. Now, this show is packed from start to finish its nonstop, from trapeze acts, world champion acrobats and dancers. You will be amazed at what the people at the ultimate benidorm palace show put them self’s through. The dance routines are phenomenal from Traditional Irish Jigs to National Flamenco Dancers, erotic dancing and more. It’s truly amazing how quick they can change from one routine to another without no interference or leaving you waiting, in the mid-way break there is an excellent laser light show, so even at break time they are still pulling out all the stops for you. This is one ultimate benidorm palace show not to be missed whilst in Benidorm.

Benidorm Bar Crawl

Well it’s your first night in Benidorm and your really looking forward to getting clobbered up and hitting the town hard. As rule number one of all Stag and Hen Party the first night should and will always be the most memorable night of all. ultimate benidorm palaceThis is where we take over so you don’t have to worry about where to go and at what time, we’ve got it covered. Our reps are well equipped with all you need to know and where to go, you are in good hands, with over 2000 bars to choice from with have fine combed out the best most popular places to go and at what time to get to them bars at. We will get you a free quality shot in each bar we go to, we’ll get you in the party mood so you can hit the main strip in true Benidorm style. Spending around 45minutes in each bar you can be sure to get a couple down you in each bar before we move on to the next mission. We’ll keep your spirits high with fun party drinking games before letting you go wild in the final stop at the disco club, which i must say is open till 7am. Can you keep up the pace of Benidorm…

Private Airport Transfers

Ok let’s get your weekend started in style, whilst everyone is getting off the plane knowing they have got to get on a transfer coach to Benidorm with 54 over people staying all over the town and not knowing what stop there hotel is going to be, they’re in for a long wait could be a 2 hour journey. ultimate benidorm palaceWhereas if they had planned ahead they could be smiling all the way to the arrivals pick up point knowing that their coach and driver are waiting there for them. So with that happy thought in your mind you can calmly walk off the plane nice and easy, grab your bags and you and your group easily walk to your pick up point where your diver will be waiting for you with the lead name on a board and a big smile on his face. Let him load your bags on his coach as you take a seat on this spacious coach. And you’ll be heading off to Benidorm whilst your fellow flight passengers are still looking for their coach and waiting for it to be filled up.

You’ll be at your Hotel before you know it and checked in and exploring Benidorm and having a drink before anybody else on that plane. You’ll know you made the right choice instantly.