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Organising the dream wedding

Organising the dream wedding Organising the dream wedding can be super stressful, it is said ap

Organising the dream wedding

Organising the dream wedding can be super stressful, it is said apart from moving house and having a baby planning a wedding is one of the most stressful things a couple have to go through.  The UK wedding industry is worth billions and it seems that as soon as the wedding word is mentioned everything goes up in price!!

organising the dream wedding

This is why it is vital to set out your budget and stick with it.  You need to break the budget down into various sections, i.e. the dress, rings, reception, suits, honeymoon.  You need to put the predicated cost in then as you go along the actual cost, its also worth knowing who´s paying what and if there will be any contributions.

When people start planning a wedding and budgets plenty of people leave out the  cost of the hen doo.  At cheap hen weekends we understand that people have limited budgets as the weddings take up most of the spare cash as it is, therefore we offer great hen weekends abroad for as little as 70 pounds.  Hen parties play a vital part of the wedding as its a chance for all the girls to get together and bond away from home and away from their busy schedules, its also great for the girls that don’t know each other to pal up before the big day. More often than not the hen party is the last time just you and all the girls are together on your own all in the same place because no matter how you all decide to do it again as reunion same time next year it very rarely happens that’s why it’s so important to make your hen doo count.

organising the dream weddingPersonalised wedding websites are becoming more and more popular now and they really are a great idea plus they cost next to nothing.  Of course everyone loves to receive the beautiful stationary but having your own wedding website is the perfect place to include all the information about the day including links to travel, venue and accommodation websites.  You can post wedding gift list information on there too, but not only that its personal to you, you can add in how you met, post photos of the engagement and the rings.  You can keep a blog and let everyone know how the plans are coming along, even ask for information and advice from people that have done it before.  Its something you can always keep and of course you´ll both be immortalized forever in cyber space!!

Its vital that you have some kind of folder or scrapbook for organising the dream wedding that you always have to hand as it can be tricky keeping track of every supplier, web address just every little wedding detail.  The more organised you are with it the better, you can have a physical scrapbook or one online where you simply copy and paste the info as well as website links and emails from suppliers.  The key to the whole thing is being super organised, again its something you can keep and also share with any friends that get married in the future.organising the dream wedding

A very important part of the wedding planning is managing the amount of guests you want, this of course affects the budget greatly.  Another big question to ask yourself is whether or not you want children at the wedding?  If you are having children how many of the people you want to invite have them?  You need to be careful as you could end up with more children there than adults in theory turning your special day into a crèche!!  For the people that have children would they like a day/weekend away just the two of them with no kids to run around after?  These are all things to consider when keeping your guest list under control.  Many people who don’t invite children find it hard to explain this in the invitation, however there are plenty of phrases you can use such as ´Due to venue size we can’t extend this invitation to your children´ etc etc.  Its always good to try and divide the guests between bride and groom, this way if someone declines you can make sure the balance of bride and groom´s friends and family is just right.

organising the dream wedding

Of course finding the perfect wedding dress is super stressful in itself, a first good step is to look at all the online bridal shops to get an idea of the kind of style you want before you hit the shops themselves, trying the dresses on can be both exciting and stressful at the same time especially if you don’t find the one you want straight away.  Have no fear as the UK is littered with stunning bridal shops and remember you can always have one made but you will be paying a premium.


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