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Pole Dance classes

History of Pole Dancing Pole dancing lessons whilst on your hen party seem to be the order of t

History of Pole Dancing

Pole dancing lessons whilst on your hen party seem to be the order of the day now more than ever before.  As the largest hen and stag party ground agents in Spain we are seeing a huge demand for these sultry classes, however when talking to the girls that book it many of them don’t like the idea of the dancing being connected to the strip club scene.  Now this is something I just don’t understand as there are a million and one other things they can do that are on our events guide, such as cocktail making, spa & buffet afternoons, jeep safari´s etc etc.  I don’t believe that the girls book pole dancing lessons to have a good work out, firstly why would you want to work out on a hen doo?  And secondly there are loads of other ways to work out that dont involve putting on 6 inch stilettos, sexy outfits and swinging sensually around a pole!!  No there is definitely something the girls find sexy and erotic about the pole dancing lessons but they just don’t like to admit it!!Pole-1-240-x-156

There is definitely something to be said about using pole dancing to keep fit, if you have ever tried to shimmy up a pole you´ll know it’s much harder than it looks and to maintain a position mid pole takes a lot of core strength.  Many women have completely changed their whole body shape by going to regular pole dance classes, but what people don’t realise is that pole dancing and forms of activity have been taking place for centuries.

Maypole dancing dates back as far as the 12th Century and was actually a pagan fertility celebration, one of the versions of maypole dancing consisted of women twisting ribbons around the pole as they danced, these maypole celebrations can often be seen recreated at country fetes and renaissance fares.

An Indian sport called Mallakhamb where tricks are performed on a wooden pole is also said to date back to the 12th century, the meaning in English is pole gymnastics, this sport is mainly practiced by men in stark contrast to the pole dancing that we are familiar with which is predominantly a female activity.Pole-2-240-x-156

The pole dancing in the West started around 1920 when the middle pole of the travelling circus´ side tents became ´dancing pole´.  Around the time of the 1950´s pole dancing started to move into the clubs due to the fact that Burlesque was becoming more and more excepted.  The 1980´s saw a meteoric rise in strip clubs especially in America and Canada and of course the UK.  The first exotic dance school was opened in 1994 in Canada by Fawnia Dietrich before multiple studios were opened as the dance form grew in popularity.

So you could conclude that pole dancing has been around in one form or another for hundreds of years so maybe there is a lot to be said about how beneficial it can be both physically and mentally.  Have a look at some of the benefits of this new hen doo phenomenon.Pole-3-240-x-156

  1. Improves both your core and physical strength plus it helps to strengthen your skeletal muscles.
  2. Builds toned firmed muscles in a pretty short period of time, due to the resistance form of the training it doesn’t take very long to see the results and because your toning and firming the muscles it helps to focus well on those problem areas for women.
  3. Helps to improve your all over balance as well as improving flexibility and core strength.
  4. Due to the physical nature of pole dancing your brain releases endorphins which are your body’s own ´happy´ drug which in turn helps with depression and creates a feeling of wellbeing.
  5. As you see your body change you become more self confident which is positive in every aspect of your life from work to the bedroom!!
  6. Socially its great as you meet people with a similar mind set who want to work out but at the same time do it in a unique sexy way.


Booking a pole dance lesson for your hen doo is a great way to try it out with all your mates as you are all in the same boat so to speak, by doing this you can see if its something you wouldn’t mind perusing when you get home after your hen weekend is over, even if you don’t a pole dance afternoon with all your friends is a great laugh and it’s also great as a photo opportunity so you can embarrass your mates on Facebook with some dodgy snaps of them stuck half way up the pole!!  The classes are easy going and anybody can take part as the classes are tailored to your group and their fitness levels plus with a few glasses of Champagne thrown in the mix you can really see why this has become a firm hen weekend favourite!!