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Tiki Beach Benidorm

It is hard to believe that this place didn’t exist 5 years ago. However it is now a local lan

It is hard to believe that this place didn’t exist 5 years ago. However it is now a local landmark and a must do whilst on holiday in the resort of Benidorm. It used to be a poor second best to the thriving Caiman Baby which is next door. However, for some reason, the Caiman owners decided on a massive refurb and turned a cool beach drinking place into something that looks more like an ice cream cafe with its clean lines and plastic chairs.

To the delight of Tiki beach Benidorm, people started going to Tiki beach instead. It is a fairly small bar in real terms but does have a rather large terrace.  One of the first noticeable attractions is the mist kits in the air which provide a welcoming spray of cool mist water to cool you down in the summer.tiki-1-240-x-156

From around lunchtime onwards every day the bar slowly fills up with jolly brits looking for some beachfront banter. By about 2pm you are lucky if you can move. Okay, so it’s not everyone’s cup of tea as it is heaving with tattooed beer swilling brits with their shirts off. However you can see some really funny sights there. There tends to be a lot of Stag parties there and some unfortunate stags who are dressed in some ridiculous outfits. I saw a group of 4 lads last week and they all had mankinis on. You find quite a few people are happy to purchase sun beds on the main levante beach directly in front of the bar. This is for those who prefer to watch the action from a safe distance.

The barhas live music on every day and could be anything from tom jones to Robbie Williams. There is always guaranteed to be a good crack to be had on the terrace. The drinks are also very reasonably priced for the enviable seafront position. Approximately 2 Euros for a cold pint of local lager. There are also snacks available if you are peckish.tiki-2-240-x-156

Now if you are new to Benidorm and haven’t seen it before then you need to head down to the seafront. If you are stood on the levante looking out to Peacock island (the small rocky islet out at sea) then Tiki Beach Benidorm is more or less in the centre of the beach. It is just off the small street of Avenida Madrid. There is a small piece of grassland in front and you may think you have had one too many when you see a load of metal black and white sheep. However these are just a bunch of sculptures from the town hall. Now in the 5 years or so that Tiki beach has been there the owner has amassed a few quid. Wondering what to do with all his fortunes. He decided that another Tiki bar Benidorm to add to the empire would be a good idea. This is when Tiki City was formed. Sitting on the spot of the old Star and Garter bar. Now is a cool trendy and vibrant bar that looks amazing at night all lit up. A great deal of time and effort has been done to ensure the whole bar has integrated LED lighting to give it a modern feel. There is also a classy terrace with lots of ubercool white seating. If you are short sighted or like your football then you cant go wrong with the massive 80 inch tele that they show all of the major football matches on. They also do a very popular range of beers in buckets which a re perfect for the numerous groups that visit. I have even seen a bucket that contains a bottle of Smirnoff vodka and 6 red bulls for just 28 euros. That is a great bargain.

Tiki City is situated on the corner of Avenida Cuenca and Calle Gerona. It is infront of the well know n Hotel Marina as well which is near to the famous British Square. The bar goes on well into the early hours with a top DJ playing some cracking tunes into the morning. They even have one of the well known toilet boys in there offering you everything from chewing gum to sprays of after shave and hair gel. At least they keep the toilets clean for the customers. Normally a few small coins will keep the guys sweet. tiki-3-240-x-156

One thing I can guarantee is that Tiki Beach Benidorm and Tiki City are here to stay and are rapidly becoming the must see and do places for the welcoming holidaymaker.  You only have to see that they have had over fourteen thousand check in on facebook to the present day.